Meet My People





Sofia, also known as “Fia” to her little sisters, is kind, smart, and a natural nurturer who loves to sing and dance. Her best friend is Emmy and her favorite person is Grandma Storms.  She loves the color purple, playing dress-up, arts & crafts, and playing outside.  As my first born, she will always have an extra special place in my heart because she made my dream of being a mama come true.










Emilia, also known as Emmy is our little bear who keeps us on our toes. She is smart, goofy, and always feisty.  Her best friend is Fia and her favorite person is Daddy.  She loves “juice juice”, cake pops aka poppy pops, the color pink, playing with play-doh, cooking in her kitchen, arts & crafts, and running wild outside.   As our fearless middle child we have no doubt that this little girl is going to move mountains.










Lilliana, also known as Lilly, is laid-back, sweet, and always happy.  Her favorite people are Mama & Daddy.  She loves nursing, sucking on her fingers, babbling, tubby time, and being out in the sunshine.  As the baby of the family, she demands lots of cuddles and kisses, but we don’t mind.










John, also known as the love of life, is funny, hard-working and friends with everyone.  He loves spending time with family, binging on Netflix, watching sports, and the occasional date with me–OBVI.  He is the one who makes it possible for me to stay home to raise our girls and for that I am eternally grateful.

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